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With its 60+ quality sourced ingredients, Shakeology is possibly the most complex and sophisticated blend of protein, fiber, pre and probiotics, enzymes and superfood ingredients that can be found anywhere.

Unsurprisingly, Beachbody has received A LOT of questions about what's in it and what's not in it. Of course all the ingredients, micronutrients, and macronutrient listings are on the label. Some of the things not included in Shakeology though? No artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours, or preservatives are ever used. This is the REAL deal of health.

Shakeology is a premium superfood shake delivering a powerhouse of nutrients. Each serving contains proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, adaptogenic herbs, fiber, pre and pro-biotics, and digestive enzymes. The wealth of exotic superfoods provides a daily dose of dense nutrition. 


PROTEINS AND AMINO ACIDS: To help build and repair muscle through muscle protein synthesis.


ANTIOXIDANTS, PHYTONUTRIENTS, VITAMINS AND MINERALS: To help fight free radical damage and help support a healthy immune system. Super fruits, greens and herbs such as Chlorella, Spirulina, Cinnamon bark, Green tea extract, Astralagus, Chicory root, Rosehip, Acerola Cherry, Sacha Inci, Moringa and more.

ADAPTOGENS: Which have been traditionally used to help the body adapt and respond to the effects of stress. A blend of Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Chaga, Cordyceps, Maca, Maitake, Matcha, Reishi, Schisandra.

PREBIOTICS, PROBIOTICS, DIGESTIVE ENZYMES + FIBER: Help to prep the gut to absorb all of the whole food goodness and also to create a healthy gut environment for regular digestion and weight loss, Perfect for individuals struggling with IBS, autoimmune disease, thyroid issues, etc.


IT DOES NOT CONTAIN: Artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours, or preservatives.

WHY ISN'T IT CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE? While Shakeology is free of gluten, the process to certify it as such is complicated by the global sourcing of ingredients.

IS SHAKEOLOGY SAFE FOR PREGNANT OR NURSING MAMAS? Many pregnant and nursing mamas find Shakeology to be a fantastic addition to their diet in pursuit of ultimate health for them and baby. Many have replaced their prenatal vitamin with Shakeology and feel energized by the quality ingredients it contains. An ingredient list is available for each flavour to take to your family doctor for discussion.

IS SHAKEOLOGY VEGAN?  Yes. There are two blends to choose from. 1. Whey protein (cold-filtration whey isolate) 2. Vegan protein (a blend of pea, quinoa, chia, flax, sacha inci, brown rice, oat)

IS SHAKEOLOGY A SNACK OR A MEAL? It can be drank as a snack or a meal. For a satisfying snack on the go, simply shake or blend with water and ice. For a satisfying pre or post workout meal, blend with a fruit/vegetable (such as berries, beets, banana, etc.) and a serving of healthy fat (like chia seeds, coconut milk, MCT oil, etc.)


  • Maintain good health

  • Build and repair muscles

  • Maintain immune function (aka you won't get sick as often)

  • Support healthy glucose metabolism (it's a low glycemic index supplement)

  • Help protect the body from free radicals by providing antioxidants

  • Support healthy eyes and skin

  • Improve digestion and gut health (with pre and pro-biotics, digestive enzymes + fiber)

  • Support the function of the thyroid gland (hallelujia!)



30 DAY SUPPLY BAG: Enjoy any Shakeology flavour when you buy a 30 day supply. Keeps Shakeology fresh, so you can blend a healthy smoothie at any time of day! Alternate flavours each month for added variety!


INDIVIDUAL PACKET SUPPLY: Take 24 single serving packets with you on the run, on vacation or simply throw one in your bag for an afternoon pick-me-up! Choose from the classic combo of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla OR the barista combo or chocolate, cafe latte, vanilla!

SAVE MORE WITH HOME DIRECT: Get the best deal on your Shakeology by selecting Home Direct at checkout. This monthly auto-ship program ensures you'll never have to worry about running out of Shakeology, plus you'll get Super Discount Shipping, which saves you over $15CAD on shipping as compared to the single order option.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Take the first step to improving your health by drinking Shakeology for the next 30 days. If you don't feel healthier and more energized, simply call customer service within the 30 days and you will get your money back, less s+h - even if the bag is empty!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary. Please consult your physician before beginning any supplement or meal replacement product, particularly if you have any unique or special needs or conditions, such as food allergies, dietary restrictions, or if you are pregnant or breast feeding. The content on this site is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


Shakeology has been THE game changer for my health. Not only is it a powerhouse of quality superfoods, plants, seeds, adaptogen herbs and pre and probiotics, but it tastes AMAZING!! Want to improve your digestion, stabilize blood sugar, boost immunity, curb cravings, lose weight naturally, and enjoy a delicious smoothie for breakfast each day like I do?

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