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Guided Meditations For Every Mood


WELCOME TO YOUR NEW DAILY GUIDED MEDITATION LIBRARY! I'm so glad you're here. We often underestimate how much power there is in getting quiet and being still. My hope is that you'll dive into these guided meditations as daily guides for whatever mood or season you're in. You now have lifetime access. Feel free to download them to your device, google drive, etc. Whatever is easiest and most convenient for you to access them (and benefit) daily. There is something for every mood, time of day or season. And I am always open to requests for more meditations! Simply email me at or DM me @mariebarkerwellness to chat. If you're new to meditation and you'd like to dive into the science behind it, neuroplasticity, stress reduction, etc. check out my online awesome 3 module program, "stress less and learn to meditate". If you'd like to dive into cyclical living, get out of your head and into your body, check out my Know Your Flow online program (it's an incredible resource that I believe every woman needs!) Ready to feel better? Choose a meditation and settle in. Marie MEDITATIONS: Morning Gratitude Meditation Morning Intentions Meditation Self Appreciation Meditation Evening Relaxation Meditation Feeling Overwhelmed Meditation Feeling Angry Meditation Feeling Depressed Meditation Feeling Overwhelmed Meditation Get Inspired Meditation Forgiveness Meditation Walking Meditation Moontime Meditation Body Healing Meditation

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