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I created these wellness tools with you in mind.


Journals, guided meditations, classes, self-paced programs, workouts and supplements to help you stress less, trust your body, develop a healthy relationship with you and FEEL GOOD.

If you're looking for guidance around your hormonal health and want to get to know your flow, check out my Heal Your Hormones Class and/or Know Your Flow program below.

If you're looking for support in your fitness / wellness journey, grab a BODi membership & receive all 13 of my meditations.

If you're ready to learn digital skills that can make you money online and give you a deeper sense of purpose, join our WORK/FLOW Community by enrolling in the Digital Skills course below.


It's good to feel good. Using these tools helps you do just that.

Look at you go, taking care of yourself. I'm so proud of you.

- Marie

Heal Your Hormones


Do a quick and comprehensive deep dive into the 5 common missteps that are throwing your hormones out of whack and the 5 simple shifts you can make today to rebalance. This class is THE Hormone 101 Masterclass you need. Hosted by Marie + Amy (Functional Nutritionist) who have a combined decade of working with women's wellness and hormone health. Pay once, access the recording indefinitely.


The 30 Day Flow Reflection Journal is a daily + weekly tool to use to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Taking 5 minutes morning + evening, as well as some moments at the end of the week will help you track your cycle, food, mood, gratitude, map out your week, write affirmations, daily gratitude + feel organized and grounded. 


This is exactly the format I personally use every single day and the personal intel collected from this simple daily practice has been life-changing for me! 

*Discount with multiple copy purchase
**Digital copies also available for $30*


30 Day Flow Journal


Grab my gorgeous, coil-bound Annual Reflection Journal that will guide you through making sense of the last year as well as how to actually set good goals and clear intentions for the one to come. This is exactly the format I personally use every single year!

*Digital copies also available for $25*


You will also receive a complimentary 2hr workshop with guided meditation. The recording will be emailed to you after check out. Feel free to use it to guide your reflection.


Annual Reflection Journal



Know Your Flow is a comprehensive online program that teaches women how to tune into their cycles, make peace with their bodies and work with their natural rhythms instead of grinding and feeling exhausted all of the time. You will learn how to get out of your head, get into your body and go with YOUR flow (regardless of if you have a menstrual cycle or not). The 3 simple modules cover things like: stress, forgiveness, emotions, journalling, meditation, birth control, what foods, supplements, self care, etc. is best for each phase of your cycle and how to organize your work schedule around your cycle. The gorgeous daily KYF Journal helps you get to know yourself on a deeper level (it also helps you work with your practitioners), and the guided meditation library, expert guest speakers and facebook community are there for you as supports along the way!

Know Your
Flow Program


"I suck at meditation, I have too many thoughts" is the number one reason people give me as to why they can't meditate. After becoming a certified Lifestyle Meditation Teacher,  I put together this simple 3 module online course that leads you through the science of stress, overwhelm and how your thoughts work, as well as what meditation is, how to create (and stick with) a daily practice so you can STRESS less and FEEL better.


Stress Less & Learn To Meditate

Office with a View

Digital Skills Course


Your "university degree" in digital marketing that also comes with unlimited updates to the program, free weekly trainings AND a supportive community.


Have you ever wanted to learn about Email lists, Social Media, Sales Funnels, Google Productivity, Automation, Digital Marketing, Affiliate links, SEO, How to use Canva, Creating E-Books, Creating Courses and more? THIS IS IT.

In case that wasn't sweet enough, this program also has a Master Resell Rights license, which means when you purchase the program, you are legally allowed to resell this same course as your first digital product for 100% profits.

Click the button to read more / understand.



Not ready to dive into the 3 module course just yet, but want to start adding meditation to your days? These 13 guided meditation audios will help you feel better, no matter what time of day or mood you're in!

  • Morning Gratitude Meditation

  • Morning Intentions Meditation

  • Evening Relaxation Meditation

  • Self Appreciation Meditation

  • Body Love Meditation

  • Body Healing Meditation

  • Forgiveness Meditation

  • Moontime Meditation

  • "I feel overwhelmed" Meditation

  • "I feel angry" Meditation

  • "I feel depressed" Meditation

  • "'I feel funky" Meditation

  • Get Inspired Meditation

Guided Meditations



Grab my FREE pdf journal prompts for the best morning, evening + end of week reflection questions!

bod bod.jpeg


The "Netflix of Wellness". BODi is a streamable membership to help you get your fitness, nutrition + mindset in check. BODi features an extensive workout library as well as multiple nutrition programs, hundreds of recipes, meditations, sound therapy and mindset classes from renowned experts. New workout "blocks" drop every month + I teach you which programs to use for cycle syncing in our BWELL CLUB community once you join.


Only $215 CAD per year (3 month and 6 month options available)



Adding in extra greens is a no brainer for improving health. I LOVE adding a scoop of greens to my power smoothie or having a shot of it when I need a pick-me-up! Ingredients: Chlorella, Spinach, Cucumber, Celery, Kale. No fillers, just the good stuff. Tastes like earth + makes you feel awesome.

$38 CAD / 30 servings

Screen Shot 2023-06-04 at 1.11.13 PM.png


Everything you need to start feeling better, and save! Your annual BODi membership includes thousands of fitness, nutrition, and mindset videos, my two favourite supplements, Shakeology and Energize, 2 healthy eating plans and amazing recipes (for every mood) that make eating well simple and delicious. Plus, FREE access to the newest Super Block!

Only $257 CAD (use MARIETSP20 at checkout to save $24)



Vegan Shakeology is a densely nutritious shake that actually tastes good and contains incredible health-boosting ingredients like camu camu, flax, medicinal mushrooms and bacillus coagulans. Helps improve digestion, immune system and balance blood sugar. Loaded with plant-based proteins, healthy fats, greens, superfoods, adaptogenic herbs, vitamins, minerals, pre and probiotics. GF / Vegan / Low Glycemic Index. My FAVE.

$160 CAD / 30 servings (save when you buy BODI ESSENTIALS PACK)



Also lovingly called "hype juice" in our household, energize is a green-tea based pre-workout that's clinically proven to help you feel focused, energized + improve your workout. 500mg Quercetin (antioxidant), Beta-Alanine (amino acid), Green Tea (antioxidant) + only 2g sugar (energy for workout) per scoop. Lemon is my fave! Mixed Berry is a close second!

$60 CAD / 30 servings (save when you buy BODI ESSENTIALS PACK)

Screen Shot 2023-06-04 at 1.06.06 PM.png


I AM Affirmations and daily intentions. This is one of my FAVOURITE card decks I own. Gorgeous 60-card deck with I AM statements and meaningful affirmations. 5 bonus blank cards to fill in your own! These are such beautiful and impactful cards that will help uplift and inspire you in your journey. How we feel + talk to ourselves directly impacts our results.

$25 CAD (simply add to your BODI or BODI ESSENTIALS PACK)

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Questions or just wanting to connect? Reach out! Have an event you'd like me to come speak at, whether in person or virtually? Want to book a private women's workshop to host for your friends? Questions about my programs, journals and services? Are you a brand wanting to collaborate or secure podcast advertising? Send me an email + I'll respond within 48hrs.

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