"I suck at meditation, I have too many thoughts" is the number one reason people give me as to why they can't meditate. Which is why I put together this simple 3 module online course that will lead you through the science of stress, overwhelm and how your thoughts work, as well as what meditation is, how to create (and stick with) a daily practice so that you can STRESS less and FEEL better.


Stress Less & Learn To Meditate



Not ready to dive into the 3 module course just yet, but want to start adding meditation to your mornings and evenings? These 8 guided meditation audios will help you do just that.

  • Morning Gratitude Meditation

  • Evening Relaxation Meditation

  • Self Appreciation Meditation

  • Forgiveness Meditation

  • "I feel overwhelmed" Meditation

  • "I feel angry" Meditation

  • "I feel depressed" Meditation

  • Get Inspired Meditation

Stress Less

Guided Meditations


Grab my FREE pdf journal that goes over The 3 Keys to your BEST morning routine! Weekly Reflection Questions also included!


Stress Less Journal

Beachbody On Demand Membership

Think the "Netflix of Fitness". Beachbody on Demand has almost 1000 different workouts and something for EVERYONE. Boxing, weights, barre, HIIT, cardio only, calisthenics, kids', pre and post natal, yoga, post workout stretches, you name it! Seriously the best, most convenient way to stay FIT with a busy, on-the-go lifestyle! Email me about my current BODgroup I'm hosting!

Greens Boost

Eating enough veggies each day can be challenging. I LOVE having a scoop of the greens boost each morning (I often add a little fruit punch energize to it for flavour) or just add it to my daily shakeo smoothie! The ingredients? Pure, dehydrated green leafy veggies. This makes me feel SO GOOD.

Plant based Almond Crunch Beachbar

Quality snack bars are hard to find. I LOVE having some of these on hand. Gluten free, Dairy free, LOW sugar, HIGH plant protein and fiber, they're a winner in my books! Plus, they're freaking delicious too! Perfect afternoon pick me up!

Vegan Shakeology

I could go ON and on about why I love shakeology and what it's done for my health. But I already did that HERE. Greens, pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes, adaptogenic herbs, phytonutrients and it tastes freaking AMAZING! Vegan vanilla or vegan cafe latte are my faves!


Also lovingly called "hype juice" in our household, energize is a clinically proven way to get better, more focused workouts. Quercetin, Beta-Alanine and Green Tea come together for one helluva combo in this antioxidant, mood-boosting MAGIC. Lemon is my fave!

1 Year of BOD with 30 Days of Shakeology

Want to dive in to a full workout program of choice, improve your mood, digestion and overall wellness from the inside out and FEEL BETTER? This is the best bang for your buck: one year of access to Beachbody on Demand and an entire MONTH of shakeology! Email me about my current BODgroup and questions on programs or flavours!




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