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Know Your Flow

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Ready to get to KNOW YOUR FLOW? This short, 3 module course is designed for you to complete at your own pace. SO, WHAT DO YOU GET WHEN YOU SIGN UP? - 3 easy-to-follow video modules teaching you to get out of your head, get into your body and get to know your flow. Everything you need to know about cyclical living + how to make peace with your body is included here. - The Daily Know Your Flow Journal PDF helps you get to know yourself on a deeper level by tracking the things that matter like food, mood, gratitude and physical symptoms during the different phases. - 10 Guided Meditations for your enjoyment any time of day or month: 1) Morning Intentions Meditation 2) Morning Gratitude Meditation 3) Self Appreciation Meditation 4) Evening Relaxation Meditation 5) Moon Time Meditation 6) Feeling Funky Meditation 7) Walking Meditation 8) Body Healing Meditation 9) Get Inspired Meditation 10) Forgiveness Meditation Other Resources Included as you begin your new journey! - Access to our private Know Your Flow FB community - A printable 30 day calendar to track your program progress - The Know Your Flow Daily Journal and Workbook (printable PDF) - Exclusive interviews with experts! By the end of this short, practical video-based course, you will get out of your head, get into your body and you will learn to live according to your natural cycle! Deep breath in... deep breath out. Let's get to know YOUR flow!

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