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Stress Less & Learn To Meditate

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This short, 3 module course is designed for you to complete within one afternoon. It won't become another "to-do" on your list. The videos are concise, to the point and practical, so you can implement Marie's science-backed strategy ASAP and start benefiting from your new daily meditation practice immediately! By the end of this short, practical video-based course, you will understand WHAT meditation is, WHY meditation is so valuable, WHAT to expect during AND from your daily practice and you will know HOW to start (and stick with) a daily practice that serves you long-term. You will also understand your brain on stress, the anatomy of a thought and the secrets of neuroplasticity. You'll also gain access to incredibly valuable resources (like the 8 guided meditations audio library, a 30 day tracker and the Stress Less Journal) as well as access to our supportive private Facebook community + Marie's coaching. MODULE 1 Introduction + overview The science of stress How thoughts work Retraining your brain MODULE 2 What is meditation? How does it help? What to expect during it What to expect from it MODULE 3 How to meditate daily How to stick with it Guided meditations Breathing examples

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