When I first started coaching I was not sure what I was exactly getting into. I remember feeling very uncomfortable about it all at first. I was a girl who wasn’t living her full potential because of fear! The fear of not being good enough, smart enough, or worthy enough...

    As I started learning about coaching and began helping others get set up on their journeys, I really started to see how awesome the Beachbody community was and knew that I wanted to be apart of it from then on.


    It’s impacted my life immensely, especially because it encouraged me to start to change my own mindset by reading personal development daily, and adding meditation daily. I really honed in on my nutrition and adding shakeology has been amazing for my overall health!


    Becoming a Beachbody coach is so much more than helping my clients get healthier through meal plans and exercise programs. It’s about helping my clients and (myself) find our WORTH! We are all worthy of a great life, happiness and success! It’s all about believing it!


    Being a Beachbody coach has given me this amazing opportunity to grow personally and to help others grow to their full potential too! I love paying it forward and I love being a part of this amazing community! It’s life changing!


    I first became a coach solely for the discount after falling in love with the programs & products and being in my first online accountability group. After a year of committing to myself & my own journey, I ended up losing over 40 lbs and completely transformed myself not only physically but mentally too. I signed up as a coach to make a positive change for myself but little did I know it would lead to a desire to help others make these positive changes for themselves too!


    Helping others transform their lives as I have with mine is an indescribable feeling. It’s given me a new found purpose in life. It’s made me more confident in myself. It has allowed me to grow my own tribe and surround myself with women who empower me day in and day out. It has given me the drive to push through the toughest times of my life knowing that I had others that counted on me to keep showing up too.


    The number one thing that I’m most grateful for that coaching has brought into my life is a new sense of purpose. Before I started coaching, I was going through the motions, dreading every day working as a new Registered Nurse. I felt so conflicted in my career choice just after a few short months and knew that I was meant to help & serve others— but didn’t know exactly how I could do that. Coaching has re-lit this passion inside of me being able to help others take control of their health now and prevent further disease or sickness in the future. There is no better feeling than knowing you’ve made a difference & transformed someone’s life for the better.


    Coaching has completely changed my mindset and outlook on life. It introduced me to personal development which has allowed me to work on loving myself more, healing through my grief and trauma, managing my anxiety, and helping me believe in myself and my worthiness again. I am a better person today because of this opportunity and this community and it is truly a blessing in my life that I will never take for granted. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t decide to take the leap and pursue something that was extremely scary but also so so worth it.


    In the last year as a Beachbody Coach, I have not only lost 30lbs but gained so much more! I’ve gained confidence & appreciation for my body. For the first time in my life I’m 100% confident in my skin and that feeling alone is worth more then money can buy.⁣⁣⁣ I’ve learned it’s about finding joy in the journey. I’ve fallen in love with the process. Once I realized a certain goal weight wasn't my final destination, it took the pressure off. 

    This Beachbody community has given me the support, encouragement & accountability that has not only kept me consistent but 1000% gotten me to this point. Not only has this coaching opportunity allowed me to see success physically and mentally but also financially. The fact that I can make a side income by doing something that focuses on my health first, sharing that love with others & helping them see similar successes... blows. my. freaking. mind. This opportunity is what you make of it. Want to get healthy? Incredible. Want to make money to pay for your groceries each month? Totally doable!! Want to make this your full time job?? Go get it!!


    Then and Now.. WOW. Where to even begin! Without beachbody coaching I would be a completely different person than I am today.


    I’m finally happy, I’m healthy, my marriage is strong, I’m financially stable, and most importantly, I’m a MOMMY! I don’t think I would have had the mental or physical capacity to take on pregnancy if it wasn’t for these programs and the support of Marie and The Boomerang Tribe!


    In 2016 I lost 25 pounds

    In 2017 I lost 30 pounds

    In 2018 I gained 77 pounds, had a baby, then lost 50 pounds

    In 2019 I’m gaining confidence and learning to love my body regardless of its shape & size


    Throughout all of my 20’s I was stuck in a vicious yo-yo cycle of losing and re-gaining 15-20 lbs twice a year, and in denial that I was using food as a drug to comfort myself from loneliness and unhappiness. I was exercising and dieting to punish myself and my body for the way it looked.


    I had been following Marie on FB for about a year and a half, I didn’t even “like” her page, I just followed it like a creep. At first, I thought she was kind of weird and her workout posts were annoying (I love you Marie!💕) but she started to grow on me and I watched as she grew and succeeded with her wellness journey and I struggled miserably with mine. When I started to hear about a new nutrition program that Beachbody was releasing that was supposed to help you stop binge eating and look at food in a whole new way, all without required exercise, I knew it was TIME. The 2B Mindset launch was perfect timing for me and I reached out to Marie to sign up. I was skeptical about the shakes but I wanted to be all in so I bought the whole package including BOD. Marie was also starting a 30 day mindful living challenge in her Boomerang Wellness group and offered me the opportunity to participate. I committed fully to the program and did every daily challenge. I honestly believe it was the combination of the mindfulness challenge done at the same time as 2B Mindset that made something click in my brain about how I looked at food and treated my body and my relationship to both was changed forever.


    The fact that Marie was there showing up every single day for herself and for me was a huge motivator. She was showing up for me and I couldn’t let her down. I felt amazing from shakeology and I never wanted to go back to how things were before. I started exercising because it felt good to move my body and I wanted to feel strong. I have never felt comfortable in a gym setting and the at-home workouts were so convenient and quick I loved them. I lost that 15 lbs quickly and I haven’t seen it since!


    I have gained physical and mental strength, muscle definition, a sense of peace in my life and the most amazing group of women that I know I can lean on for support at any time. I turned 30 in the best shape of my life! This experience with Beachbody and Marie has pushed me to grow in so many other ways as well, and now that I have my nutrition and fitness under control, I’m focusing on following my dreams and starting my own business!

  • JILL

    Oh, mama what a journey these last two years have been. A day does not go by, even bad ones, where I cannot thank the skies above enough for connecting me with Marie. Picture this: two years ago I was lost, overweight, and just felt that life was passing me by. I honestly thought this is what life is going to be like for me. I had tried every diet in the book but apparently, I was destined to be the big girl and fake happiness.


    Then I found my old friend on Instagram and every single one of her posts seemed so genuine and *gasp* like she was actually happy! I thought it was too good to be true but… I continued to follow her. Finally I thought, “I’ve got to do what she is doing”. I took the plunge and decided to become a beachbody coach on her team because I wanted to be someone’s inspiration like Marie was to me.


    Marie has truly given every ounce of love and affection she can to me to help me see the good in myself. Marie has shown me that I am capable of so much more, pushed me past my comfort zones, and truly made me a better person. Marie is an incredible human that I am thankful every day that she is in my life. OH and as for the fitness and nutrition programs I’ve done and the incredible accountability groups? 50 freaking pounds GONE, self love and confidence GAINED!!!


    Though I didn’t start under Marie, she’s a huge reason why I stay motivated and have been trying to push harder towards my goals. I started these programs out of PURE desperation to find myself and happiness again. I avoided challenge groups for the first few months because I was embarrassed... but when I finally joined, I realized we were all searching for the same thing at different stages. These programs have helped me get in the best shape of my life from home. The products have healed me from the inside out - my skin is cleaner, nails are stronger, cravings are less, IBS issues almost nonexistent, the list goes on 🙌 As for beachbody coaching, Marie’s tough love and honesty helps immensely! I’d be lost if it wasn’t for the information and help that she provides to us all!


    I needed a change! I wasn’t sure what or if it even existed, and at the time I despised at home workouts or anything sold online lol. I got to a point where I finally said yes to a free accountability group! Within the first workout I noticed a huge difference. And from that day, I’ve completed several Beachbody programs and still do them to this day! I’ve lost 30lbs, am so confident and so much more nurturing to myself! I also have such a better relationship with food and my body! It’s been a life changer and continues to be❤️ I would absolutely recommend this lifestyle and community to everyone!



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