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It's the end of another year, which means you're probably knee deep in black friday emails offering you discounts. A few of the "new year, new you" marketing campaigns may have already slipped in. You've also probably got 726 things on your to-do list before the Holidays kick off and you may also feel your stress levels rising oh so slightly as we near Jan. 01...

The thing is... if we don't take an intentional pause to reflect on how far we've come and what's unfolded, how can we possibly hope to have a break before the hamster wheel kicks up again? 

"We can't connect the dots looking forward. We can only connect them looking backwards." - Steve Jobs

What I've found, after 7 years or so of participating in the exact annual reflection I'm about to guide you through, is that when I take a day or two to pause and properly reflect on all that's unfolded (the good, the bad, the ugly, the awesome)... not only does it feel like a giant exhale leaving my body, but I actually set myself up to have an incredibly clear, productive and ENJOYABLE new year.

Think of this as your super-fun, super-necessary, annual "taking out the trash" ritual.

The female connection, gorgeous Airbnb location, coil-bound journal, dinner, wine and impromptu dance party are all bonus.

Screen Shot 2023-10-29 at 10.10.30 AM.png



This is the deep exhale you've been looking for, but not giving yourself.

Picture: a gorgeous full day event with a small group of like minded women at an incredibly bright, spacious and inviting airbnb in yxe. The focus? Processing everything that's unfolded over the last 12 months in order to create space for the new one to come. We will spend ample time going through the annual reflection coil-bound journal (a prompted guide that makes reflecting FUN). Snacks, coffee, cacao and good energy will fuel you as you look for the good, make peace with the past + intentionally goal set for the year to come. Marie will guide you in a powerful Breathwork session followed by a relaxing meditation. Enjoy a nourishing dinner and sip wine among your new friends. You will leave this retreat feeling lighter, happier and more clear on what YOU need from YOU moving forward. 

You deserve the gift of a day spent relaxing, reflecting and connecting after the year you've just had.

There are only 10 spots available this year.

The event is happening Thursday December 21 from 1pm - 8pm at a gorgeous Airbnb in Saskatoon (address will be emailed after registration).

Register asap at the button below or email
to claim your spot.



Marie Barker is a vibrant Saskatchewan woman with a passion for living well and empowering others to do the same. Over the last 10 years, she has guided thousands of women home to themselves through her coaching, social media content, workshops, retreats, podcast and speaking at events. She is often hired to speak on Cyclical Living, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Holistic Health Practices. She is a certified meditation teacher, breathwork specialist and relatable human with an arsenal of journals, guided meditations and programs available. She specializes in helping women get out of their heads and into their bodies with somatic practices so they can get more out of life. She can be found having daily dance parties on Instagram @mariebarkerwellness and her classes and other wellness tools can be found on her website

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