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I wanted MORE out of life.

That’s what led me to start an online wellness coaching business in 2015.

What began as a part-time hobby, helping friends get connected to the fun at-home workouts, quality nutrition supplements and online girl gang I was a part of, turned into my full-time passion (and career!)


Over the last 6+ years, I have helped over 1000 women find their fire and create lives, bodies and businesses they love. I help women with their wellness goals by teaching them how to implement simple, daily habits that are doable long term. I also mentor a team of coaches who are building online wellness businesses like I am. I am a certified lifestyle meditation teacher and serve my students through my signature online courses: Know Your Flow Cyclical Living Program and Stress Less & Learn To Meditate Program. I am the host of The Live On Purpose Podcast, which can be found on iTunes or Spotify. 


My passion? Helping YOU feel good and live well. Check out the SHOP or GET HEALTHY tab to work with me.

xo Marie

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If you would have asked me to write a bio of my life a few years ago, it would have gone more like this: stressed out, broke AF new teacher who can't sleep more than 5 hrs a night, binge eats, cries daily, and is depressed with IBS.


Do you relate to the then or now version of me? The good news? Either way, I got you.​


Every month, I guide new women into my online wellness community, The Boomerang Wellness Club. We support each other in our wellness routines, have an online community for accountability and support, monthly giveaways and even an optional M-F morning habits zoom crew! Our #bwellclub is the support system you're missing in your wellness journey.


Could you use a friend in your corner to help you actually ACHIEVE the wellness goals you have? Without restriction dieting, hardcore fitness or cutting out the foods (and booze) you love? Do you want to start a part time online wellness business helping other people with their fitness, nutrition and mindset? Do you crave a community of inspiring, like-minded people who love wellness as much as you do?

You're in the right place, sister. Click the buttons below to learn more about the services I offer that will help you change your life.


The BWELL CLUB is our virtual wellness community of women committed to living well through simple, daily habits. Meditation, Journalling, Movement, Self Compassion. Welcome home, we've got your back.

Want to create a second stream of income from helping others get healthy while staying accountable to your own journey? Coaching is a flexible, rewarding part time (dream) job!



You’ve tried to meditate, but feel like you suck at it. Marie’s 3 module course teaches you how to start and stick with a daily meditation practice. not ready for the course? Check out the 13 guided meditations available for download.


Each week, I send out a love letter to my favourite people (you). Things I'm loving and learning, new podcast episodes, events I'm hosting and more! Enter your info below to receive my free guided morning gratitude meditation as a thank you and welcome gift! Think of this as your official welcome hug to the healthiest, most uplifting friendship you've ever had. I promise to only ever send you authentic, wonderful messages that will uplift and inspire your life. xo Marie