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I get it. You’ve tried every diet trend, supplement and weight loss tactic in the book. And none of that worked for you, so why should this?

Because this is the real deal.


You want to lose weight? Gain muscle? Heal your IBS? Ditch the anxiety? Feel confident? When you do the work with me, those are the things you will experience.


Once you and I have gone over your specific health and fitness goals, we get you set up with your wellness pack. Your pack will include a combo of accessible workouts + meal plans + recipes + quality supplements tailored to your needs and goals. This is the ultimate toolkit for you to begin (and stick with) your new journey. The packs range in price, but are all around the $200 mark. All my coaching, resources and the group are COMPLIMENTARY to you when you purchase your physical tools for success. If that’s not loving support, I’m not sure what is.


  • One YEAR membership to Beachbody On Demand (the “netflix” of workout videos, with over 700 different workouts to choose from, an entire yoga library and a pre/post natal section)

  • Hundreds of recipes, diet specific meal plans and resources from your online membership site. You will never feel lost for a dinner idea again!

  • 32 day supply of Shakeology (superfoods, adaptogens, pre + probiotic shake) and a  new shaker cup for your daily superfood smoothie

  • The Beachbody Nutrition Guide, which goes over food lists, recipes, grocery shopping tips and more!

  • Unlimited access to my 1:1 coaching and wellness community, The Boomerang Movement.

  • Optional: Add The 2B Mindset Nutrition program (tailored for people who struggle with emotional eating and restriction), or The Ultimate Portion Fix Nutrition program (tailored for people to learn proper portions, ditch sugar addiction and eat for performance). Both programs come with a daily log book and program tools so you can track your food, mood, poo, water, etc. and achieve success in the kitchen. One time purchase grants you access forever to the program.

  • Optional: the pre and post workout supplements, Energize and Recover (sport certified, clinically proven to enhance workouts and results. Highly recommended)

  • Optional: free sign up to receive the 25% VIP discount. No coaching required.


Check out this brief video that explains the pack I just outlined and more info on Beachbody supplements and Shakeology.


Once your program pack is ordered, I will send you a personalized email, outlining the steps to take while you wait for your pack. We get you set up in our online wellness group, and you get access to my “getting started” handbook, which includes some of my favourite smoothie and salad dressing recipes as well as personal development book suggestions and tips on grocery shopping. There is also a resource hub within our FB group, that has even MORE meal prep, recipe and wellness tips and videos to support you, as well as my FREE 4 week ‘Mind-full to Mindful’ journal. I post valuable content and go Live frequently in the group and we often host monthly themes or challenges with prizes!


We will go over the various programs available to you in your online library and pick the one you’d like to start with based on your needs, goals and lifestyle. We do all this prep work so that once your package arrives, you are ready to hit the ground running and feel ready to take on your new habit changes.


I am available by email or messenger for weekly check-ins, celebrations, questions, etc. and so you can send me progress photos as you begin and complete your first program. As your coach, it is truly my pleasure to help you feel SUPPORTED along this journey.



Your life is totally up to you. How many more transformation pics do you need to scroll online before you decide to take action and get the support necessary to crush your goals?

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