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Blended Collagen Coffee

Alright, if you've followed my instagram for ANY amount of time, you know that I LURVVV my daily, frothy coffee. It makes me FEEL amazing, it TASTES amazing + I'm preeetty sure I'm a genius for combining the ingredients in it.

I get asked in messages ALLLL the time about how I make it, what's in it, why I mix the things I do together, etc. etc. so I decided it was about time I put together a lil 'how-to' for ya'll so you can experience this magic too.

*Actual image of my plant children. Lil bear claw succulent is a rascally one.

My daily frothy coffee was actually inspired by Bulletproof coffee. I was intrigued when I started hearing and reading about MCT oil and its benefits to gut and brain health, so I dug a little deeper to find out the scoop.

And then, sometime later, I was reading about Collagen peptides and their benefits to gut and brain health as well.

And THENNN when I was speaking with my naturopath one day about my long history with leaky gut, IBS and autoimmune disease, she confirmed for me that this combination is one of EPIC proportions.

(Okay, my words, not hers, but she totally agreed that my frothy coffee was an awesome recipe for a daily cuppa! And since I had already started to reap the benefits of this delightful daily combination, I was elated to hear I wasn't alone in my belief that this combo ROCKED, and there was actually science behind it).

You guys, SCIENCE.

So, first things first, what's in my daily cuppa frothy coffee you ask?

1 Cup of organic coffee, made in the french press. (I personally LOVE to drink Kicking Horse Coffee because it's Canadian, Organic AND tastes amazing).

2 Tsp MCT Oil (I use Alpha brand, which is about $35 CAD at health food stores)

1 Scoop Collagen Peptides (I use Further Foods brand, which is a 100% women owned and operated company using organic, sustainably sourced collagen peptides. In my opinion, they're the best and you can actually get a lil discount off your order if you enter mariebarkerwellness10 at checkout!! I get the "3 month supply")

2 Tbsp full fat coconut milk (I use Thai brands that use only coconut and water and skip the yucky fillers)

4 Sprinkles of cinnamon on top for extra deliciousness and fat burning.


How do I make said coffee, you're wondering?

Step 1) Boil water and make french press of organic coffee.

Step 2) Add one cup of fresh coffee to small, portable blender. Add in coconut milk, MCT oil and collagen peptides and blend for 10 seconds.

Step 3) Pour coffee deliciousness into your favourite mug and sprinkle cinnamon gently on top.

Step 4) Go sit outside with an awesome book and enjoy your new favourite morning coffee


So now you know WHAT I put in my daily frothy coffee, I want to help you understand a bit more on WHY I use the ingredients I do:


Brand: Alpha

Found at: Most local health food stores

Why I love it:

Medium Chain Triglycerides (aka good fats from coconuts) are an easily digested form of healthy fat that don't need to be converted to energy by the liver. MCTs are burned in the body as fuel instead of stored as fat, so I like to have it first thing in the morning! I drink two tea spoons blended in my organic coffee. The oil molecules combined with the caffeine molecules mean I get longer lasting energy

all morning long! Happy brain and happy tummy!!



Brand: Further Foods

Found at: *use discount code mariebarkerwellness10

at checkout*

Why I love it:

Collagen is the most readily available form of protein there is, and it's also the most abundant protein found in the human body. Collagen makes up about 90% of our bone mass, connective tissue and skin! Sooo you could say it's kind of a major player in this whole being human thing.

In our twenties, our bodies start to produce less collagen, so supplementing with an organic, sustainable source is a really GOOD idea. Daily use of collagen peptides can actually reverse that depletion and works to heal gut lining, build stronger joints and limbs, heal skin, hair and nails and even helps you lose weight naturally because your body is getting a key ingredient it WANTS to function optimally. Again, happy brain, happy tummy and happy body!



Brand: Kicking Horse Coffee

Found at: Most grocery stores!

Why I love it:

Coffee is one of the most heavily chemically sprayed crops around. And most people aren't aware of it, but the chemicals sprayed on the crops, as well as intense mold growth, make it right from field to mug, affecting our gut lining, hormones, allergies, and overall health. No bueno. This is why drinking ORGANIC coffee is so important. It's one of those things like the "dirty dozen" that you want to try to source organically. And hey, you don't need to eat 100% organic, but choosing some specific foods to buy organically like coffee, apples and kale is a really good idea for your health. I personally love Kicking Horse because their blends are delish, they're a Canadian company AND their coffee is organic and sustainably sourced. Win friggin' win in my books!



I don't necessarily use a specific brand for each of these, but both coconut milk and cinnamon have AWESOME health properties AAAAND they're both delicious!!! Especially BLENDED with the rest of these ingredients!


So there you have it, my friends!! My daily frothy coffee recipe!!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!

Are we connected on Instagram yet?! If not, shoot me a message @mariebarkerwellness and let's connect!!


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