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Ep.67 Lose Weight On Purpose With Alicia Wood

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Let's talk about WEIGHT.

The number one most obsessed over topic... ever.

If you've ever struggled with losing weight, gaining weight, obsessing over weight, etc. today's episode is for you.

"How heavy do you think you could get, with your partner still loving you?"

This is the question that sparked it all for today's guest, Alicia Wood.

After a conversation with friends, where this came up, Alicia made the decision to take control of her health and finally love who she was on the inside. This led to her pursuing a career as a fitness and mindset coach.

The biggest mistake I see clients make is believing that it's all about diet and exercise. Yes, you do need to be eating healthier foods, but if you don't work on the way you see yourself first, then you won't end up with the results you want.

Alicia Wood is the founder and CEO of Camp Fuel, a wellness company that empowers individuals and teams to achieve their goals through movement, play, mindset and community. She is a speaker, a corporate wellness consultant, as well as a fitness and mindset coach. She loves helping leaders create inclusive engaging environments so that employees can feel empowered to step up and to thrive in the workplace. She provides simple action oriented strategies to help teams boost mental and physical health imagination, creativity, and innovation so that they can accelerate performance. Alicia is also the host of a top rated podcast, the Fuel Your Fire podcast, which I was fortunate to be a guest on!

You can be sitting down and eating a delicious kale salad that is loaded with all of these delicious things. But if you're thinking to yourself, "I hate myself, I don't deserve to eat food", your body will have a negative physiological reaction. And you won't even get all the nutrients from that salad because your body is in fight or flight mode.

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Feel good now. You don't have to wait. We are so hyper-focused on the number on the scale. At the end of the day? It's just your gravitational pull. That's it. Focus on accepting yourself, where you're at. You are worthy. You are enough. As you are.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • The traumatizing conversation between friends that sparked her desire to take control of her health

  • How she released 60lbs and fell in love with herself

  • The biggest mistake she sees clients making when it comes to losing weight

  • Limiting beliefs and how they're impacting your goals and life

  • What tuning in and paying attention actually looks like

  • The real reason you've been unable to release the weight until now

  • How to celebrate yourself along the way

  • Finding the joy and self acceptance in your wellness journey

  • How to create the vision of who you want to become

  • How to become a morning person

  • The power of HABITS


  • One thing you can do today to start releasing excess weight

  • Why Alicia doesn't believe in "achievable goals"

  • The problem with "I'll be happy when..."

  • Alicia's response to "what does it mean to live on purpose?"

Some of the resources mentioned in this episode:

I had SUCH a blast chatting with Alicia, and I cannot wait to bring on more, wonderful guests in the future for you to learn from!!

If this episode helped you in any way, share it with a friend! Take a screenshot, send a text, whatever you need to do to help ONE person hear this message today. THIS is how we make a difference, sharing the lessons that have helped us grow and expand and heal.

I’m on a mission to empower as many women as possible in their health, wealth and wellness through this free educational platform and spreading the word about the podcast is the best way I know how to get these important topics into more womens’ headphones and lives!

We can do better together.

Always in your corner,

xo Marie


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