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Ep 72. Let It Be Easy with Hina Khan

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Hina Khan came into my life when I needed her most.

We joke that I summoned her.

And really, I did.

January of 2020, I read a book called "Ask and It Is Given" by Abraham Hicks.

It helped me make sense of how the law of attraction works and how to create anything you want.

And I thought to myself, "there has got to be a coach out there who teaches according to these principles. I'm going to find her and work with her."

A few months later, a friend of mine invited me to this "mindset program open house" that was at... wait for it... 4AM MY TIME for one week.

I thought, "yeah that's a little nuts, but this sounds cool and I can get up early for one week to check it out."

I was open and willing to receive.

That open house changed everything.

I was introduced to Hina Khan, who shared her wisdom, led us through visualizations and something inside of me SAID HELL YES, THIS IS HER!

I had the best week of my YEAR. Please read that again.

2020 was challenging in many ways. And when I decided to sign up and work with Hina, it was like I was a chick out of its shell.

There was no going back.

I was being born again and this new, upleveled version of Marie stepped in.

Curious about the episode yet? ;)

You don't get what you want. You get how you feel about what you want.

As a Success Coach and registered psychotherapist, Hina Khan has been a student of the mind, human behaviour, and human potential for over a decade.

Hina guides and mentors people to work through seemingly unbreakable barriers, whether it be creating quantum leaps in their business or exceeding personal goals. She does this by exploring and challenging the thoughts and beliefs that hold so many of us back. Then through extensive work, those thoughts and beliefs are replaced with ones which help to supercharge her clients' growth. Hina has found that no matter how gifted, talented or brilliant a person is, if we don’t deal with our paradigms (limiting subconscious beliefs) we can never truly soar and have the positive results we are capable of creating in our personal and professional lives.

Hina believes coaching is a powerful tool for change as one aligns with their purpose, vision and goals, allowing them to have mastery in both their personal and professional lives. She has trained extensively with her mentor Bob Proctor and is one of the top consultants for the successful "Thinking Into Results" program. Her extensive training at the distinguished Centre for Training in Psychotherapy anchors her coaching expertise.

Hina is also a familiar face in television and is called on as an expert for a number of programs.

I love her.

She's frickin' fantastic.

This is going to be one you want to come back to. Over and over again.

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And then I questioned that. I thought, is that true? What if I could build a business this way? What if I could work more effectively by working less and also make more money? What if it was easy and I am worthy without having to earn it?

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Hina's transition from Psychotherapist to Success Coach and how she came to work closely with Bob Proctor as one of his top consultants.

  • The importance of a morning routine and the exact habits she practices each morning.

  • How to address and ditch limiting subconscious beliefs for good

  • MONEY: making it, keeping it, giving it, the real truth behind it.

  • FORGIVENESS: the why, what and how of it.

  • The moment everything shifted for her and she stepped into even more abundance and success (hint: it was during the pandemic!)

  • Switching from "it's too good to be true" to "it is good AND true"

  • The most common mental hangup she witness among clients

  • The one thing you can do today to let it be easy


Some of the resources we mentioned in this episode were:

I absolutely LOVED this conversation with Hina, and I'm sure you did too!

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We can do better together.

Until next time,

xo Marie


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