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Jalapeno Mushroom Kale Burgers

This title is a work in progress.

I feel like it's misleading, so right off the hop I'm going to tell you that they DO have beef in them.

But the reason these burgs are SO FLIPPIN' GOOD, is because they contain only HALF the amount of beef regular burgers do (and organic beef at that), and you CAN'T EVEN TELL!! That's a win right there, folks. Your waistline and heart will thank me for this, I promise.

We will often make fun meals up during date nights, and this was no exception. A compromise of sorts between the two of us: I wanted something a little lighter, he wanted burgers. ALAS, the jalapeno mushroom kale burger was born!!


1-2 lbs local lean ground beef

2 cups finely chopped kale

1/2 jalapeno, chopped

1/2 medium sweet white onion, chopped

1 portobello mushroom, chopped

2 organic eggs

1/2 cup GF Flour

2 Tbsp worscestershire

1 Tbsp sriracha

2 Tbsp onion flakes

Sea salt and pepper


1) Preheat oven to 400.

2) Add all ingredients to mixing bowl and mix together.

3) Make small baseballs with mixture and flatten out onto parchment paper lined baking sheet.

4) Bake for 10 minutes on one side, flip, add small amount of bbq sauce and put back in oven.

5) Bake for 10-15 minutes more on the other side (or until done).

6) Enjoy with all your favourite fixings!

Tip: I love putting these on a piece of toasted bread and topping them with sliced avocado, tomato, dill pickles, yellow mustard, organic ketchup

Tip: You can also bake portobello mushroom halves in the oven with a bit of olive oil and sea salt and they make a nice "bun" if you're trying to cut down on starches!


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