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BBQ Pulled Spaghetti Squash Sandwiches

OMG you guys. We made BBQ Pulled Spaghetti Squash Sandwiches tonight and they were the CAT’S MEOW. Seriously. Spaghetti squash is like that annoying (but so loveable) popular kid in school who is good at every single sport and activity. It’s just so talented and doesn’t even have to try to be amazing, it’s just born that way!! Ugh. So delicious and annoying.

Anyways. Since we got back from Asia, we have decided to eat a more vegetarian-based diet (this is not to say we won’t be bbq’ing grass fed local steaks this summer), but we just realized how much better we feel eating less meat and animal products and so this is the journey we’re taking. And when you start to come up with recipes like the one I’m about to share with ya’ll, you’ll be coo’ with going veggie strong too!

So without further adieu, here are some terrible photos of a very delicious meal along with the recipe! Enjoy!


(gluten, dairy and meat free)


2 medium spaghetti squashes, cooked

2 portobello mushrooms, chopped

3 cups chopped kale

1 yellow onion, chopped

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp of sea salt and pepper

2 tsp olive oil

2 tsp dairy free margarine (or butter if you can)

1 cup organic BBQ sauce (you can also make your own easily)

Toasted bread or buns


1) Slice squashes in half, drizzle each half with olive oil and rub in salt, pepper and garlic powder evenly with spoon. Cook at 375 for 35 minutes (face down on parchment paper on a cookie sheet).

2) Place margarine (or butter) in a large skillet and heat on med/high. Add onions and mushrooms (chopped well) and cook for about 5 minutes to caramelize a bit. Add the kale (kale yeah!) and cook for another 10 minutes until tender and fragrant.

3) When squashes are finished baking, take them out and let cool (right side up) for 5 minutes. Then shred them with a fork so the “meat” is out of the shell.

4) Add BBQ sauce and mix well.

5) Chop up fresh veggies, pickles, etc. and make homemade coleslaw to top sandwiches with (for my homemade coleslaw dressing, I use 1Tbsp veganaise, 1 tsp yellow mustard, 1/2 tsp vinegar and s&p!)

6) Serve on fresh toasted bread or buns (we used UDI’s gluten free millet and flax seed chia bread for these) and enjoy!!

(We served it with a fresh garden cucumber and red onion salad, which was a nice compliment to the bbq-ness!)

**This recipe also works with cooked jackfruit instead of spaghetti squash!


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