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Ep 35: Mindful Social Media with Courtney Sjoberg

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"Live a life that's true to who you are, no matter what outside sources might think or say. If you feel it, it's yours to go for."

Social media can be DAUNTING. And for those of us who work on it, it can also be DISTRACTING and anxiety-inducing, with all of the changes, adjustments and new skills needed constantly to thrive in the online environment.

Courtney Sjoberg cuts through all the fluff and gets right to the point: connecting with humans on social media intentionally through good quality hashtags (not "banned" or "blackhole" hashtags) is THE secret sauce. So important in fact, that she created an entire thriving business out of helping online entrepreneurs with hashtags for their businesses. The Hashtag Files is her online membership where her team handpicks thousands of good quality hashtags each month, picks out the no-longer-effective-ones, supplies stock photos, incredible trainings, "create your own" hashtag lists and more!

To check out The Hashtag Files and get 25% off, head to:

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In this episode, we talked about:

- What it feels like to be entrepreneurial minded at a young age

- Courtney's path from food blogger, nanny, digital marketer to running her own team.

- The what, why and how of HASHTAGS!

- The difference between "sahara desert", "black hole" and "banned" hashtags

- Vanity metrics on Instagram that just don't matter (you might be surprised!)

- Challenges that arise from working on social media like comparisonitis

- The importance of knowing your ideal client and making connections

- Distraction on social media and how to deal with it

- Courtney's go-to tips working on social media without being glued to your phone all day

- The most common social media mindset mistake Courtney sees clients making

- The ONE thing you can do today to improve your relationship with social media

- Courtney's monthly membership, The Hashtag Files, where her team handpicks thousands of Instagram-approved hashtags for you (link below)

- Courtney's Instagram Superstar Course (available within the Hashtag FIles, link below)

Some of the resources we mentioned in this episode were:

I had SUCH a blast chatting with Courtney, and I cannot wait to bring on more, wonderful guests in the future for you to learn from!!

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We can do better together.

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