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Ep. 61: Reclaiming Our Feminine Sensuality with Marlee Liss

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Every once in awhile, a human will come into my awareness that I get to connect with and after a brief interaction, I am left forever changed.

Marlee Liss is one of those people.

Her and I got connected on Instagram after I fell in LOVE with her empowered dance videos (seriously, she is incredible to watch! @marleeliss), I messaged her, we hit it off and well, this conversation is the result of that connection!

But little did I realize when we first got connected, just HOW powerful our friendship would become.

The conversation we ended up having was not the one I originally anticipated.

But when you've both experienced something as traumatic as sexual assault, done the internal work, and are on the other side of that work, thriving... well, you talk about it!!!

This is the most REAL, raw and (for me) puke-worthy episode I've ever released. In it, we chat about our experiences with rape, shame, forgiveness, intimacy and ultimately, how to empower and reclaim our feminine sensuality.

It was a powerfully transformative conversation for me, and I'm hoping it will serve you in the capacity you need it to.

This is important***: if you, or someone close to you, has experienced sexual trauma of any kind, please know that you are not alone in your struggle. It may feel that way, but there are so many of us who have experienced similar and would be more than willing to help support you if you're open to the love and guidance. Everyone's journey is different, but something that helped me immensely was this quote: "it's not your fault what happened to you, but it is your responsibility to do something about it." My inbox, as well as Marlee's, are ALWAYS open, if you or your sister friends need someone to connect with to begin your healing journey.

Marlee is a Sacred Sensuality Coach, who helps women reclaim their sexuality and transform shame so they can live in embodied empowerment. As an international women’s coach, author, public speaker and retreat facilitator, her work has been featured in Forbes, Huff Post, Mel Robbins Show, Commune Podcast, Buzzfeed and more. Marlee’s work is deeply shaped by her background in social work, trauma-informed yoga, somatic sex education, and body image facilitation with the National Eating Disorder Information Centre.

In 2019, Marlee's sexual assault case became the first in North America to conclude with restorative justice. She advocated for her assailant to attend therapy and eventually, they met in an 8-hour circle, rather than proceeding to criminal trial.

She. Is. Incredible.

From Marlee:

I live for the kind of empowered reclamation that sends massive ripples of healing out into our world. I know that when we heal & claim love for ourselves, we heal the collective.

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In this episode, we talked about:

  • Our individual experiences with rape, the judicial system and healing

  • What "walking through the mud" looks like

  • Helpful, healing tools and resources we used

  • What reclaiming feminine sensuality can look like

  • The difference between sexual objectification and sexual empowerment

  • Shame, Guilt, Suffering and other heavy emotions tied to trauma

  • How to become intimate with your life and yourself

  • What to do if you were raised with the beliefs that sex is bad and shameful

  • Marlee's Sacred Sensual Wholeness Academy

  • "Erotic Innocence"

  • How to tune in to your own intuition and trust yourself completely

Sexuality is innocence. We're born with it.

Some of the resources we mentioned in this episode were:

I am so grateful for this conversation with Marlee, and I cannot wait to bring on more, wonderful guests in the future for us to learn from!!

If this episode helped you in any way, share it with a woman you love. Take a screenshot, send a text, whatever you need to do to help ONE person hear this message today.

I’m on a mission to empower as many women as possible in their health, wealth and wellness through this free educational platform and spreading the word about the podcast is the best way I know how to get these important conversations into more womens’ headphones so they can improve their lives!

We can do better together.

Always in your corner,

xo Marie


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