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Episode 23: 33 Tips For Feeling Better

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My mantra lately has been, "It's good to feel good" and "I'm willing to let Life love me today."

I repeat these to myself when I pee in the morning, when I'm brushing my teeth and when I'm driving.

They are starting to help me make decisions on what's good for my energy and what's non-vital aka what I can let go of.

Below is a compiled list of *some* of the ongoing ways I'm finding to feel better. Take what you need, leave what you don't. And just remember that YOU tuning in and figuring out what helps YOU feel better might look different than someone else's list on an internet blog.

This list might just be a good starting point for you to consider some areas you might not have otherwise thought were draining your energy or making you feel badly:

1) Buy less processed, packaged food products and you won't eat as many.

2) Buy more whole foods you know make you feel good like fruits, vegetables and quinoa.

3) Spend less time binging on Netflix or Disney+ shows.

4) Invest more time reading good books and journalling in your morning and/or evenings.⁣

⁣5) Listen to less negative, fear-based TV & audio.⁣ You don't *need* the news. It stimulates your flight or fight and creates stress in your body.

6) Listen to more uplifting, inspirational, educational content via books, podcasts and music.⁣

⁣7) Spend less time scrolling social media, especially in the mornings. Unfollow accounts that make you feel less than great about yourself.

8) Spend more time silently breathing with yourself aka meditating, especially in the mornings.⁣

Just practice noticing your thoughts and then focusing on your breath in and out.

⁣9) Spend less energy making excuses, and resolve to just do the damn thing already.

⁣10) Commit to getting 7-9 hours of sleep, even if it means making time for a midday power nap or 10 minutes of deep belly breathing instead of scrolling instagram or watching Ellen.⁣

11) Stop thinking negatively about yourself every time you pass a mirror and instead, say “I’m willing to learn to love you”. The more repetitions you do, the sooner you'll believe it.

⁣12) Stop trying to control everybody else and instead, focus on how your thoughts, words and actions matter and can be improved.⁣ When you love yourself more, other people can too.

⁣13) Get rid of excess stuff around your house. Messy space = messy mind, always.

14) Turn off your phone and computer notifications, they're distracting you from your life.

15) Spend less time hanging out around toxic energy people. It's okay to say no.

16) Drink less alcohol and drink more water.⁣

17) Smoke less pot and smell more flowers.⁣

⁣18) Eat more slowly and practice saying a mental thank you to the Universe for it all.⁣

⁣19) Train yourself not to be so judgemental of self and others, by focusing on loving yourself.

⁣20) Smile more, even if it feels weird or forced. Watch youtube cat videos if needed.

21) Self pity less, even though your ego is going to want you to feel like a victim.

22) Cry whenever you feel it come up to let go of pent up energy and emotions.

⁣23) Make more space in your schedule for you.⁣ Literally schedule your unplugged moments.

24) Make less time for distractions and bad habits.⁣ You hold the power here. Use it.

⁣25) Find a form of fitness you like and stick to it.⁣ This is self care, not punishment.

⁣26) Let go of your need to be smaller, skinnier, better or more perfect by accepting yourself now, as you are, where you are, with what you have, in all your imperfect glory. Repeat "I am enough and Life loves me as I am" as many times as you need to until you believe it.

⁣27) Focus on thinking good thoughts and they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and also attract other wonderful things into your life because the law of attraction says so.⁣

⁣28) Buy a journal and dump your thoughts and dreams into it every morning to clear mental space. Do not edit or judge yourself. Just write and let it all out on the paper.

29) Light incense or diffuse oils and make a list of your grandest dreams and wishes. Begin those statements with "I desire" and "I am excited for" and "I am willing to" to turn them into affirmations that you can read or say out-loud daily. What you focus on expands.

30) Create a budget for yourself and stick to paying off your debt and saving more. It feels wicked good to be empowered by your finances. Unsubscribe from shopping emails too.

31) Every Sunday, sit down for 20 minutes and reflect on what happened the previous week. What are you proud of? What did you notice? How do you feel? What can you do to feel better this week? Where in your cycle are you? What are your top 3 priorities for the upcoming week?

32) Move your body for 5 minutes each morning (aside from your workout of choice). This can look like walking, dancing, yoga, stretching, kitchen dance parties, whatever.

33) Make a list of the things that make you feel good and keep it in your wallet, on your phone, post it to your fridge. Remind yourself of this list often so that you can turn to your feel-good habits daily, especially when you otherwise would want to turn to negative coping mechanisms like drinking, eating, shopping, scrolling, etc.

You have this power.⁣ You can make these changes.⁣ You CAN feel better.⁣ It IS good to do so.⁣ I would love to know:

What is ONE thing you’re doing for YOU right now that focuses on feeling good??

Tag me on social media @mariebarkerwellness so I can celebrate the feel good habits you're choosing for you!

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