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Episode 29: What Growth Feels Like

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So I just celebrated my 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY as an online wellness coach.

And I was reflecting on everything that has changed since I began this journey in 2015. It turns out literally everything has changed since I began this journey in 2015 lol.

But this idea of 'connecting the dots looking backwards' kept coming up for me. And I was ruminating on the idea that really, we have NO WAY of seeing how things will be In the future. The only thing we can really control is, well, us. And more specifically, staying open and moving towards the direction of our dreams each day with the thoughts we think and habits we cultivate. That’s it.

It’s only looking back that you can connect the dots and go “Oh right, that event or conversation was a turning point.” and “Ooh! That mistake led to this realization, which then led me to do this other thing that led me here”. YOU CAN ONLY CONNECT IT LOOKING BACK.

And in order to be able to look back, you have to TAKE THE STEPS FORWARD into the unknown. Strange paradox, right? It’s kind of like, if you want to feel the warmth from a fire, you have to first put logs onto the fire. Your logs being your steps forward. And the fire being the destination you’re getting towards with your daily efforts.

Consider this: Every desire begins as a thought first.

Want to make a recipe? You first decide what you want to eat, then you look at what you need to make that happen and then you go out and get those ingredients, some easier to obtain or less costly than others. And then you assemble them, and at first the recipe might take you a little longer to make, but once you’ve made it once, the second and third times, you’re quicker and more confident in how it’ll turn out until it becomes a staple in your kitchen and diet!

How does this have anything to do with growth?!

You have to first DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT.

And then you need to figure out WHAT INGREDIENTS ARE NECESSARY for success.


Aka you need to do the work, go up against the uncomfortable resistance, ask for help, show up, do the thing, TRIAL AND ERROR, put yourself out there and actually DO IT, instead of just thinking about it.

And finally? You’ll be able to connect the dots looking back, you’ll be able to see how every single moment and trial and uncomfortable spot and conversation and challenge hasn’t been an obstacle in your way, but actually has been THE way to your growth.

The chinese bamboo tree is one of my favourite examples of growth. Because it TRULY shows how important consistency and trusting the process is. It takes the chinese bamboo tree 5 years to grow. And in the last 90 days of those 5 years, it sprouts up over 90 feet!! So for the first 4 ¾ years, it’s simply a SPROUT, a nut in the ground, and a seemingly small tree.


AND ONLY if it’s continuously nurtured and continues to receive water, sunlight, minerals in the soil, etc.

How does this relate to you??

If you’re starting on your journey and you’re wondering why you’re not seeing progress faster, I want you to consider the chinese bamboo tree.

Consider the fruit tree even. The LAST thing to grow on a fruit tree? IS THE FRUIT.

Have you decided what you want? Are you doing the things that it takes to make that happen? Are you working daily in the direction of your dreams? Are you doing the small things that compound over time and make all the difference? Or have you given up because you’re not seeing progress quick enough and your efforts feel futile?

This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT lessons I could give you from my last five years of entrepreneurship and personal growth: TRUST. THE. PROCESS. EVEN. WHEN. IT. FEELS. WEIRD.

Part of the process? Doubt. Fear. Mistakes. Feeling uncomfortable.

Don’t shy away from those emotions and experiences. EMBRACE the suck!!

Because the faster you’re able to 'chase the puke' as I like to say, the quicker you will be able to flex your “doing the thing” muscles and the faster you will develop competence, confidence and clarity in what you’re doing.

And THAT is invaluable.

That is everything.

Always in your corner,


ps - if you take a listen, let me know on social media by sharing a screenshot to your stories! I would LOVE to know what takeaways you had from it, and as always, my inbox is OPEN to your suggestions for future episodes!


Did ya hear?! My brand NEW course, Stress Less + Learn To Meditate is OPEN!

And for one week only (until 03/23/2020, you can take 25% off the course price by using code STRESSLESS25 at checkout)


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