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Episode 32: Feeling The Fear with Laura Macleod

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This conversation was pure GOLD!! If you have ever struggled with FEAR that held you back from pursuing your dreams, then THIS is for you my friend!

Laura Macleod is an Online Launch Consultant, specializing in helping women launch their digital courses! She is a champion for female entrepreneurs and has created the Love Light Collection for #fempreneurs who have an impactful message to share with the world. Her and I worked closely together and hot DIGGITY, this woman is a breath of fresh air! She walked me through one of my greatest dreams to date: launching my first online course: Stress Less & Learn To Meditate!!! If not for her coaching and encouragement, I would still be in a puddle of my own sticky notes on the floor of my office, trying to figure it all out.

We talked about SO MANY goodies in this chat and I just KNOW you’re going to love it!

In this episode, we talked about:

- Laura's transition from holistic skincare / esthetics to blogging to consulting

- The importance of supporting and uplifting women and an "everybody wins" mindset

- Her business mantra: "do it with love and see the light in others"

- How to stress less and get more done

- How templates can help you extract your idea and organize it so you ditch overwhelm

- Limiting beliefs, what fear actually looks like and how to combat imposter syndrome

- The most common fear Laura sees amongst clients (you might be surprised)

- What growth actually looks like and why fear is such an integral part of that journey.

Some of the resources we mentioned in this episode were:

I had SUCH a blast chatting with Laura, and I cannot wait to bring on more, wonderful guests on in the future for you to learn from!!

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I’m on a mission to empower as many women as possible in their health, wealth and wellness through this free educational platform and spreading the word about the podcast is the best way I know how to get these important topics into more womens’ headphones and lives!

We can do better together.

Until next time,

Xo Marie


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