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Episode 25: Mindful Money Habits With Mandyy Thomas

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This conversation was pure GOLD!! If you have ever struggled with money, credit card debt, feeling like there’s never enough, don’t know how to budget, etc. THIS is for you!!

Mandyy Thomas is an International Financial Coach. She’s basically a personal trainer, but for your money. By age 26 she had already saved $200k+. She helps people who are high performers that make good money, but don’t know where it goes, to keep more of their money. In her coaching process, she guides her clients to gain clarity with their finances, make progress on achieving their goals and end their worries around money.

She also helps coaches set up a strong financial foundation and to know how to save for taxes, pay their business expenses, pay themselves personally and continue to grow their business to greater profits.

We talked about SO MANY goodies in this chat and I just KNOW you’re going to love it!

In this episode, we talked about:

- How Mandyy saved $200,000 by the time she was 26 years old (yes, you read right)

- Scarcity mindset and what that looks like

- What the most common money leak her clients struggle with is

- Her best tips on what you can do today for more financial abundance

- How money stress affects us physically (brain fog, IBS, insomnia, etc.)

- Mandyy’s favourite gratitude practice and best tips

- How meditation, EFT, NLP and mindfulness influence your financial habits

- The law of attraction and how affirmations work

- Limiting beliefs and your childhood money beliefs

- What investing in yourself actually looks like and how you can afford it.

- Meal planning and meal prepping, and the main difference between the two

- How taking out cash can help you spend less money overall.

Some of the resources we mentioned in this episode were:

- Mandyy’s Website:

- Mandyy’s Instagram:

- Speak One-on-One with Mandyy for Free About Your Specific Financial Situation:

- “Loving What Is”, a book by Byron Katie

- “Ask and it is given”, a book by Jerry and Esther Hicks

I had SUCH a blast chatting with Mandyy, and I cannot wait to bring on more, wonderful guests on in the future for you to learn from!!

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We can do better together.

Until next time,

Xo Marie

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