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Self Love Club Mantra: All Bodies Are Good Bodies

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Growing up, I was always self conscious about my body.

I remember many times - specifically as a teenager - where I would focus on sucking in my tummy and would pose for pictures with hands on hips or with an object in front of my body so as to hide it. I would delete pictures from vacations that I thought I looked 'big' in.

I always believed there was something wrong with my body.

I always believed I needed to change something about it. My arms were too big, I was too tall, my stomach wasn't flat enough, my butt wasn't big enough, etc. etc. etc. Unfortunately, as I've found out through working with hundreds of women in the last two years, that kind of negative self talk and those beliefs are all too common for women everywhere. We constantly COMPARE ourselves to other women and then berate ourselves for not upholding this photoshopped idealized image we see all over the media.

We want to be a Victoria's Secret model, but with J-Lo's booty and an athlete's figure, with long beachy hair, green eyes... no wait, blue, tanned skin and an infectious smile, but not too big, just right.... Like whaaat?! It's no wonder we're more anxious and depressed and down on ourselves than ever!!! I was at an all time low with my body image a couple years ago, when I stumbled across a friend's post on facebook. She looked so happy, healthy and vibrant. I messaged her instantly and asked her what she was doing to get to such an amazing place. She introduced me to a world of self betterment I didn't even know existed, and for that I am forever grateful.

Fast forward to today, a few years later, and I now have women messaging ME asking about how I've gotten to such a happy, healthy, vibrant place.

It was out of my desire to pay it forward that Self Love Club was born.

Self Love Club is an online accountability group that I host,

where a group of badass females

(from all over North America) come together virtually to uplift, empower and be supported on their journey to their best selves.

We focus on the daily habits that, when done consistently, create an amazing life. The secret to so many women finding success with the process of Self Love Club is through the combination of fitness, nutrition, self care (or personal development) and support. We work out from home (or gym, if that's your thing), eat a balanced diet, read or listen to personal development and drink THE BEST quality superfoods for breakfast. These daily habits, combined with the support and positive environment created by the group and my 1:1 coaching has led to so many amazing transformations, inside and out!!

I am a firm believer in "the body achieves what the mind believes". So many people strive to hit outcome goals based on what they think they want to look like, but very few people understand that it's your mental health that will actually guide you to the physical health you crave. When we focus on the inside-out approach, we can create maintainable habits and learn to love ourselves and the process.


Not quite convinced?

Here are some testimonials from real women in my last Self Love Club:

ASHLEY - "I joined because I had been trying to get into shape for years, but was having very little success. I realized that I desperately needed help, and someone that could help encourage me and keep me motivated. This group has taught me to not give up and that this is a life-long journey, not just a quick fix. My life has significantly changed over the course of these past two months since I joined my first challenge group. I've learned to enjoy working out, to the point where my day feels incomplete unless I get a workout in. I would recommend this group to others because this is the most supported I have ever felt in my fitness journey. I've also learned to eat better, and while my diet isn't perfect, I'm slowly getting there. The support I feel from Marie as my coach and all the girls in this group is seriously amazing. Everyone is so positive and just trying to do their best and it's seriously contagious lol! There's no way you could sign into this group every day and not feel empowered and motivated to better yourself!! If it weren't for Marie and this group, I would have given up a long time ago."

KRISTIN - "I have been overweight since my very early teen years. And I hated myself for a long time. This group offers such support and amazing resources to help me begin to heal my relationship with myself as well as believe in myself enough that I am worth the effort it takes to get healthy. It provided much needed accountability for me as that is usually my downfall. After a couple of these [rounds of self love club], I can honestly say that for the first time in my life, I'm beginning to love myself, imperfections and all. I've also begun to heal my relationship with food as well as understand it!! This group has taught me that a bad day or a 'cheat' meal doesn't mean that you've thrown in the towel, it's just something that you take in, accept and appreciate for what it was and then get on with your journey. It's not only encouraging and inspiring to be in this group, but a lot of ideas, recipes and tips/tricks to becoming a better you are shared here."

KRISTA - "February 18th was officially my six month mark in this journey, and all I can say is that I am finally starting to remember what it's like to just be happy living life again. I am stronger now physically, but more importantly, mentally, than I have felt in TOO MANY YEARS!! Bless you, Marie, for all the daily love and support!!"


And here are some beautiful non-scale victories that have been celebrated this week (because as I teach in Self Love CLub, the number on the scale does not define your worth, but simply your gravitational pull):

"I am cooking more than ever and have better upper body strength

than ever!" - Tessa

"I can do push-ups again, and no rotator cuff pain!" - Fern

"I rarely do any of the modified moves anymore. But my biggest NSV

definitely has to be how much my IBS has improved. It's so nice being

able to go about my day and not have to worry about it constantly." - Ashley

"I am more organized and have more energy and self confidence!" - Melinda

"My non scale victory is trying on my spring/summer clothes and they

are all too big! Time to get some clothes altered." - Rose Marie


There is just something SO beautiful and powerful when women get together in such a positive way. When we love ourselves unapologetically, we can show up in bigger, better ways for those around us. Everything you need to succeed is already within you. Let me show you how to cultivate the habits necessary for lifelong happiness. Self Love Club is for you if: - You're ready to heal your relationship with food & your body

- You're BUSY and know that prioritizing your health is important

- You're ready to stop comparing yourself to others and focus on what makes YOU happy

- You crave a community of like-minded women who will support and uplift you

- You're ready to face yourself in the mirror and finally fall in love with yourself (potentially for the first time in your life)


So, what's next?

If you've read this far, first of all, thank you. I hope my story can shed some light on what is also possible for you. To join the next round of Self Love Club, simply fill out this application and I will get back to you within 24 hours! Always in your corner, Marie


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