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25 Ways to Fill Your Cup

Do you know the old adage, "you can't pour from an empty cup"?

Well it rings true every. damn. time.

Whether you're a mama of 3, just trying to make it through the booger-infested day, or you're a business person juggling 2 phones, 6 coffees and a schedule that makes you want to puke, filling your cup is the KEY to ultimate success and happiness.

How do I know? Because every single time I go through a season of "burn out" (recently), it happens because I forget to fill my own cup. (And we're not just talking with wine here, although I'm also a fan of that kind of cup refill).

This summer has been a busy season for me. I travelled for most of the weeks, attended 7 weddings, a work conference in New Orleans, day trips across the province, and recently spent a week road tripping to British Columbia and back for an awesome family adventure as well as some camping and wine touring with my partner.

And one of the things that I've forgotten to do during this season is fill my cup. Which is the worst part of it all, because the things that usually bring me immense joy - like my job - have felt challenging and arduous instead.

I LOVE what I do. I love WHY I do it. But when I forget to fill my cup, what was once happy, light and exciting becomes chore-like and overwhelming. And it never fails to bring me to my knees.

Even though I've heard the "please place your oxygen mask on yourself first before helping any smaller children with theirs" more times than I can count this summer.

So what's the point of all of this?

1) If you too feel this way, know that you're not alone.

2) We need to learn to REST, not quit.

3) We need to learn to surrender to whatever season we're in and fill our cup THROUGHOUT.

And in case you need some extra help with "cup filling" activities, here is a list of my TOP 25 that never fail to make me happy and feel refreshed:

1) Go for a walk outside and listen to all the sounds

2) Do a guided meditation (Insight Timer is a great app)

3) Light your favourite candle or diffuse essential oils

4) Brew a cup of your favourite tea

5) Give yourself a pedicure

6) Bake your favourite muffins

7) Go to the bookstore and treat yourself to a new read

8) Do an intense workout

9) Re-organize your closet and donate old clothes

10) Buy yourself beautiful flowers

11) Go try a new community class with your best friend

12) Write out a list of all the things you love doing

13) Create a fun, new music playlist

14) Declutter your living space

15) Prepare your favourite meal for dinner and open a bottle of wine

16) Throw your sheets in the dryer before crawling into bed

17) Give yourself an oil massage before you shower

18) Write a love letter to yourself

19) Take yourself out to lunch to a new place you've wanted to try

20) Take out old photographs and make a collage

21) Turn your phone off and read a good book under a blanket

22) Throw yourself a mini spa party. Soak your feet, put on a face mask and scroll Pinterest or watch a movie

23) Get outside and soak up the sun

24) Do that thing you've been putting off for awhile

25) Do something that 10 year old you loved doing

Fill your cup. Every damn day.

You'll be a happier, more productive, better overall person if you do.

And if you seem to struggle with sticking with a routine that makes you feel good inside and out, reach out. I'd love to chat. And I'm only one email away.

xo Marie


PS - if you'd like to print a copy of this list for yourself, here's a PDF to help with that.


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