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Ep.43: Instagram On Purpose with Meagen Harriman

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Social media is a big part of our everyday lives. But if we’re not careful, those little apps can quickly become distracting and a source of comparison, negativity and energy drain. So, how do we “Instagram on Purpose”?

For today’s episode, I got to have a chat with the lovely, Meagen Harriman. Meagen is a CEO, Coach, Instagram Strategist and Podcaster. And she walks her talk! We chatted about ALL things intentional social media usage, what her favourite part of working online is and how to incorporate SOUL and STRATEGY into the work you’re doing online. This was a GOOD ONE. I feel like I say that every time, but dang, we covered some goodies in this conversation! My favourite take-away? How to be TRUE to YOU online.

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In this episode, we talked about:

  • Authenticity, vulnerability and being true to who you are

  • Finding your voice in the noisy, online space

  • What being in alignment with what you’re supposed to be doing feels like

  • Being multi-passionate and allowing yourself to adapt and change

  • Why SOUL and STRATEGY are both vital to your success

  • How to use Instagram with intention and connect with other humans

  • Journal question: “what does my optimal life look / feel like with work and play?”

  • How Meagen sets up her 3 day work week

  • Setting boundaries with Instagram and balancing work tasks

  • Using your social media as a virtual journal

  • Batching content and posting authentically

  • “Follow the puke”, “do it messy”, “take action”

  • The real secret behind growing a solid following (hint: it has more to do with “learn from me” than “look at me”)

  • Why it’s so important to treat every “heart” and comment on IG as a real person

  • Appreciation energy vs Lack energy

  • What “Flourish your life” means to Meagen

  • What “Live on Purpose” means to Meagen

Some of the resources we mentioned in this episode were:

I had SUCH a blast chatting with Meagen, and I cannot wait to bring on more, wonderful guests in the future for you to learn from!!

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We can do better together.

Until next time,

Xo Marie


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