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Highlights from our 9 weeks in SE Asia

Welp, that's a wrap!! 9 glorious weeks travelling through 3 beautiful countries (7 if you count airports) Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines were all special in their own respective ways.

We made wonderful memories and friends and may have indulged once or twice in the rum train... Hearts are happy and journals are full of laughs as we await our final flight home.

Here are 9 of our favourite memories from the trip:

1) Exploring natural wonders like this epic jungle waterfall in Ko Samui, Thailand. We absolutely loved renting a bike and getting lost in the beauty of wherever we were.

2) Drinking coconuts and beers on the beach. Any and every beach. Mostly just beaches. But drinks when it's hotter than a snake's ass are always better than no drinks.

3) Brandon finally admitting to his meat addiction. Street meat. Questionable airport meat. Eating meat all day at any meal. This guy was in his glory. We're considering putting him on a vegan diet.....

4) All of the delicious food in Indonesia, especially awesome vegetable and gluten free choices at funky, local run joints. This is Cap Cay at our favourite spot in Sanur, Bali called the little bird Warung. They were so spicy there (and I'm not talking about the food).

5) Monkeys hurting Brandon's feelings in Ubud, Bali by playing favourites with my shoulder. These rascals are not to be messed with, but damn are they ever cute.

6) SMOOTHIE BOWLS!! Açai, mango, banana, dragon fruit, you name it!! Any time we could get our hands on one of these bad boys, we devoured!!! This one is from Bingin Beach on the Uluwatu Peninsula and was definitely my favourite!!

7) Kayaking through crystal clear waters and coming up on a white sand beach where beers are $1 and mellow electronic music plays in the distance. If you're ever in El Nido, go to Merimegmeg and if in Puerta Princesa, hit up Nagtabon!

8) BEACHES IN THE PHILIPPINES!! This is "naked island"and is 100% white sand beauty!!

9) SIARGAO!!! We met amazing people, had so much fun with our Buddha's family and drank way too much rum!!

Our adventure was amazing and the memories will last us a lifetime!! If you've been thinking about adventuring, I highly recommend it! There is no time like the present.

XO Marie


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