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One Night In Bangkok

We left for our grand SE Asian adventure on Tuesday March 1st at 7:30 pm from the Saskatoon airport. We were excited, anticipating all of the fun times to come.

After three flights, a slight layover, one delicious Shakeology (that a sweet deli worker was nice enough to blend for me with a banana) and some tired weirdness on our part, we were finally on our way to Bangkok! It was the weirdest feeling, flying 12 hours to Taipai and essentially going back in time. We watched some awesome movies on board and I was thankful for having packed spicy tuna and gf crackers. The travelling life of a celiac isn't the most glamorous and most flights don't have anything I can eat (that's both gluten and dairy free and safe from cross contamination). So better prepared than starving I always say!

We arrived in Bangkok at 10:30 am on March 3 and we're so happy to be done flying for the day.

My first thoughts on Bangkok? I made a list:

• Lego spaceship skyscrapers

• funny little tuk tuks

•"whitening" cream and make up ads everywhere

• it's easy to get ripped off by a taxi

• Koh San Road is awesome!

• Showering after 24 hours of travel feels REALLLLY good. We spent the first day exploring Koh San Road and surrounding area and as it turned out, our guest house, the Wild Orchid Villa, was just up the block from some of the main action so we were very happy about that!

Brandon fell in love with his first taste of Chang beer (either with the taste or the fact that it only cost him $2) I bought a small bag of mango for 20B (around $.80) and we explored the streets of Bangkok.

We ate Pad Thai at a little cafe just off Koh San and it was freaking delicious! I'm a little more wary about my food choices (you know, being celiac and stuff) so I was pleased with not feeling sick afterwards. I asked for no soy sauce and showed them my celiac restaurant card in Thai, for all of my gluten free friends reading this.

This was the bomb!!! Tom Yum Goong (hot and sour soup with prawns, mushrooms, tomatoes, chills and shallots!) happy to find authentic, delicious food here that is both gluten and dairy free!

We swam, drank wine, ate more delicious food and explored the streets at night, when it was more lively! There are some sights to see here, that's for sure!

Today is day two and I am eager to get outside, have a coffee, some fresh fruit and see where the day takes us! It's off to Koh Samui tonight (yay, beaches!) so I'm unsure of when my next post will be. Stay tuned and definitely follow me on Instagram for more pictures if you don't already! @mariebarkerwellness

Wishing everyone back home a lovely day!



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