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Your Thoughts Are Powerful

Your thoughts are as powerful as - if not more than - your actions. Did you know that? It all starts "up there". The decisions, choices and thought patterns that shape who you are.

If you haven't yet experienced the power of visualization and positive affirmations, I encourage you to test it out for yourself. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said so wisely, "once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen." Isn't that crazy? But think about it: when was the last time you visualized something happening and then it did? This can happen in many indirect forms by the way. You don't have to be actively thinking about a certain thing. But if you have it programmed in your brain, for example, that you are deathly afraid of getting into a car accident and you spend a lot of your time manifesting the thoughts around getting into a car accident, what kind of injuries you'll sustain, who will show up at the hospital, etc. then it is MORE likely that you WILL become injured in some sort of accident, than not. Similarly, if you wake up every single morning and stare at a vision board that you created, read positive affirmations that you wrote down and fill your brain with positive books, podcasts and audio, it is MORE likely that you WILL manifest that positivity into the rest of your life (and achieve your deepest goals and wishes) than not.

Visualization (actively seeing yourself achieving your goals) and positive affirmations (positive sentences affirming who you are and why you want those goals to happen) can be powerful tools in your life. One of the books that encouraged me to start using them in my morning routine was "The Miracle Morning" by Hal Erod. I highly suggest reading this book, especially if you crave more out of life, but seem to be in your own way. Your thoughts are powerful. Use them to manifest greatness in your life and you will soon start to see the changes happening within you and all around you. You have the power to decide. And once you make that decision, you know the universe will have your back.

xo Marie


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