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25 Self Reflective Journal Questions

Self reflection is a BIG part of my days. I find it so powerful to "check in" with myself a few times a week with some deep, thought provoking journal questions.

Mostly because when it's just you + the pen + paper, you can free write without fear of judgement (except from self) or sounding silly or whatever other insecurities you have. AND I've found that journalling each day (preferably in the morning with a hot cuppa somethin') has proven to enhance creativity, productivity, lower anxiety and develop a better sense of self.

The hardest part is getting started. So I've put together 25 questions here that you can choose from to do some soul work with yourself in the mornings or evenings.

So, what are ya waiting for?? Grab a fresh journal and let's get to know YOU.

Could you use some extra help in the area of self development and self love??

Did you know that I coach on those exact things + am pretty dang good at it too?

We discuss a LOT of self work stuff like the journal questions above in my monthly coaching groups online.

A group of awesome women (from USA, CAN or UK) and I get together virtually and complete a workout program from home or gym (there is something for every one), learn about eating foods that nourish us, let go of emotional eating habits, learn about meditation, supplement with one superfood smoothie per day, and dig in to some self care and self love practices that are simple, save us time and energy and end up making us better versions of ourselves.

Sound like something you'd be into?

xx Marie


PS - are we friends on "the GRAM"?? Find me @mariebarkerwellness


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