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How to create the perfect morning routine

My mornings used to look a LOT differently.

I would be rushed, stressed, and absentmindedly brush my teeth while running through my mental To-Do list that I HAD to accomplish for the day. I used to WISH I could wake up calm and collected and actually enjoy the first hour of the morning.

And then I learned how to do that AND become more productive because of it! Neat-o burrito, hey?

So, what changed? Well first of all, I read the book, "The Miracle Morning" by Hal Erod and it helped me to gain laser focus on WHY I needed to spend the first hour of my day on ME. I learned how to prioritize and set a daily routine that actually helps me to be more productive even though I'm not doing any WORK for the first hour of the day. Wanna know my secret routine to success? I wake up around 6am every morning (most weekends too, unless I've enjoyed the company of Senior Pino Noir the night before...) I go for a walk and spend the first 10-20 minutes of my day in silence, concentrating on my breath and a daily intention. My favourite one is to inhale and "breathe in energy" and then to exhale and "breathe out focus", but I'm sure you can think of two words that you'd like to concentrate on instead. (Some examples would be love, confidence, calm, health, etc.) Once back home, I read over my positive affirmations that I wrote and have pinned to a cork board in my dining room. I also spend a few minutes focusing on my vision board. Then I make coffee and sit down to read 15-20 pages of my current personal development book. (Right now I'm reading Darren Hardy's "The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster" and am LOVING it!!) If I'm teaching that morning, my time spent on each activity is shortened so that I can also fit in some coaching work and a workout before heading out the door. I also might cut out my walk and spend 5 minutes sitting comfortably on the couch with a candle lit instead. You'll find what works for you. But no matter what, I'm getting my morning routine in. And if I'm not teaching (yayyy, summer!!!) I can spend the full hour on ME before I do anything else! You're probably thinking, "but Marie, how the heck is any of that productive? You didn't make a to-do list yet, you didn't do anything work related, and it all seems kind of lazy. I don't have time for that kind of relaxation, I've got S%*T to do!" I hear you, friend. And rest assured, my to-do list is just as long as yours. But the difference? By spending the first hour of my day filling MY cup first, I am SO much better prepared to give more, be more and achieve more throughout my day. And starting the day with a clear intention of what I want to focus on allows me to work efficiently, steer clear of distractions and I'm calm and collected and able to tackle any big projects with energy and focus (see what I did there?) In order to make this happen, I do have to do a bit of prep work. So, on Sundays, I write out my to-do list for the week, so that each day I can choose 3 things (yes, only three) to focus on and accomplish. I also make my lunch the night before and prep my smoothie so it's ready to go (if I'm leaving the house early). But doing these things in advance clears up my morning, so that I can spend it preparing myself for a kick-ass day. So to recap, if you, too, want to try out my "miracle morning" that enables me to be the most productive, happy person possible, here are the steps to success: - - - - - - - - - - 1) Wake up an hour earlier than you are currently. 2) Spend the first 5-10 minutes of your day in silence, just focusing on your breath. 3) Write some positive affirmations for who you want to be and what you need to do to get there on a piece of paper and pin it up in a common room. 4) Create a vision board for yourself with the exact things, ideas or accomplishments you wish to secure for yourself that year. Focus on each one for a minute each morning, envisioning what it feels like to achieve that goal. 5) Start reading 15-20 pages of a PD book or listening to a podcast daily!! (I share my personal favourites here). If you are super pressed for time in the morning, listen to a podcast or audio book while driving, doing dishes, laundry, preparing lunch, etc.

6) Move your body. It doesn't have to be for longer than 15 minutes, so long as you're moving your body for the entire 15 minutes. Getting the blood flowing, muscles moving and heart rate up are all super beneficial to your health, work ethic and overall happiness. Not sure what exercises to do? Check out some of my favourite morning routines here! 7) Make your tea or coffee or breakfast smoothie and get to work. - - - - - - - - - - There you have it, my secret sauce to being a super productive wizard each day! It's not complicated, but when used consistently, will create amazing changes in your life that you may not have known were possible. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Marie xo


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