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The BEST deal in health and fitness is finally here

I have news for you guys. Like BIG, pee-a-little-you're-so-excited-to-share kind of news!!! Beachbody just released something MASSIVE this holiday season and it's honestly going to change the face of health and fitness. 2017 is about to be YOUR year. For real tho. It all started last year when they released the "Netflix" of Workout Videos, Beachbody on Demand, or "BOD" as I'll refer to it from now on. BOD is EPIC because you can access any beachbody workout anywhere, anytime, from any device. Srsly. Like I-went-to-asia-and-worked-out-using-bod-on-my-balcony-while-watching-monkeys kind of epic. We're talking using your phone, iPad, tablet, AppleTV, Kindle, AmazonFIRE, Laptop, etc. They even have an app that allows you to download up to 7 workouts at a time and stream them without wifi. Like whaaaat?! Craziness.

If you want more information on BOD, check out this video:

Okay, so THENNNN Beachbody thought "WAIT! Hold the phone! Our people now have access to the BEST workouts in the world. We need to add to this so it's the complete package and they have access to the BEST nutrition program out there as well so they can get the results they crave and create LONGTERM, sustainable changes and finally feel awesome about themselves without spending their life savings!!" Enter the Beachbody On Demand All Access Pack.

This is about to blow your mind. Are you ready? Right now, Beachbody is offering the All Access Pack at this awesome price to awesome people. It includes: A FULL YEAR of access to EVERY SINGLE BEACHBODY PROGRAM EVER MADE AND EVERY PROGRAM THAT IS RELEASED IN 2017 (they have 3 releases planned!) FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR!!! (sorry for yelling, I'm just super jazzed about all of this). Do you know how incredible that is?! That's over a $6000 value in itself. The All Access Pack also comes with a FULL BAG OF SHAKEOLOGY (my saving grace. If you haven't read my shakeo story, you can educate yourself here). It's my superfood breakfast that's reversed by IBS from Celiac Disease, so basically it's the real MVP. It ALSO comes with the Portion Fix Nutrition guide, shaker cup, and portion control containers, so that you can learn HOW much and WHAT to eat for your body type, goals and overall improved health!!

If you're visual like me, here's a cute graphic of what you get when you jump in on the Beachbody All Access Pack with me as your coach:

And the best part about it?! YOU GET ALL OF THIS for the equivalent of 2-3 months of a gym/yoga studio/spin studio membership. You get access for AN ENTIRE YEAR to EVERY SINGLE program ever released by Beachbody as well as Shakeology and a nutrition plan with containers for just $199 US or $231 CAD. Mind blown. New Years' Resolutions of getting healthy and losing weight?? Uhh yeah, Beachbody called and they're going to help you CRUSH IT OUT!! The best part? It renews annually at $99. That's less than most people spend on shoes or booze.

So just to recap, this is what you get when say "YES!! I'm ready to dive in with the ALL access pack!":

>> UNLIMITED access to every program Beachbody has ever created (new and old) for 1 year. >> FULL access to any future programs created in 2017

>> ACCESS to the Fixate Cooking Show and recipes

>> The Portion Fix Nutrition Plan, shaker cup and portion control containers

>> 1:1 Support from myself as your coach

>> FULL access to my online fitness community, Boomerang Movement

>> FULL access to my meal plan templates, resources, tools, etc. >> FREE copy of my Fit Project Handbook to get you started right

>> A 30 day supply of Shakeology (as well as 10% off in future months)

>> A FREE enrolment & business starter kit (if you choose to become a coach) >> Accountability through the Self Love Club group that I run monthly through the Beachbody My Challenge Tracker App


Ok, so you're probably thinking: "This sounds awesome!! What's the next step?"

If you are ready to COMMIT to changing your life. If you are ready to DROP your excuses to the wayside (as well as a few pounds). If you are ready to put in the work it takes to see REAL results. If you want to transform yourself MENTALLY as well as PHYSICALLY, and make 2017 your BEST YEAR YET. If you are okay with failing forward, striving for progress not perfection and becoming healthy over getting "skinny", then continue reading for your next steps...


1) APPLY using the form below.

2) I will email you back in the next 24-48 hours to chat about your goals and go over details! 3) We will order your challenge pack and get you set up in the online fit community.

4) I will send you an email to get the app set up so that you're ready to roll for our start date. 5) You'll have immediate access to the Fit Project Handbook, the group, resources, tools, meal planners, etc. so you can start to prepare yourself for success come day one!

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have!

*If you're already a coach or have a coach, please refrain from applying and reach out to your coach instead. They would love to hear from you. This is only available for USA or Canadian citizens.*


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